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online backup solutionDo you have a backup of your files?

All modern businesses run on information, backing up this information is critically important because there are many risks like:

  • hard disk crashes (1 every 10 hdd fail each year)
  • viruses
  • theft
  • natural disasters

While a traditional backup could be a solution, it requires time, a dedicated IT staff, a location for keeping the backups, etc.

authorized mozypro resellerThis is why, since January 2010, TwizzyWeb has been working with Mozy Inc. © in order to offer our customers an online backup solution.
This service must be reliable, affordable and easily deployable on any environment because we want to make our customers work in a better, more efficient way, without thinking about backing up their files.

So, if you want a simple, automatic and secure solution for keeping your documents safe contact us right away and we’ll explain you all the details on how the service works.

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