Linking and Affiliations – Disclosure Agreement

Let’s start from the point that the company and the website owner of this website are both non-US residents and therefore we probably don’t have any obligation to comply with the US FTC rules, but since we know that the Internet is available worldwide we try to respect each single law in the most prominent countries related to our business. This is why we created a page explicitly for disclosing our affiliation agreements with some companies that offer us a commission when a user completes certain actions after having clicked on links on our website.

In our website we often link to other resources, mainly these links are for informational purposes, while sometimes we also use affiliate links on which we earn a commission if a visitor completes certain actions. As always we use the greatest attention to link only to trustworthy websites on which a user can continue its web experience by finding exactly what he/she was looking for.

We assume no responsibility though for any action that might take place outside our website and therefore ask our users always to pay attention when using other websites.

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